• The Oldest manufacturers of PCC/ACC - Since 1974

  • India's First Commercial Twin D kiln

  • First ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in the Calcium Carbonate Industries

  • One of the Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Coated and Uncoated PCC

India’s First
Commercial Twin-D Kiln
Chemical Industry
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Quick Lime

It's used in the production of chemicals such as Calcium Carbide and Cyanimide, Calcium phosphates, Calcium silicates, High alumina cement, Titanium oxide, Citric acid, Magnesium nitrate, Sodium chloride, etc.

Lime products provide a source of calcium, alkali, desiccant, causticizing agent, saponifying agent, bonding agent, flocculant and precipitant, fluxing agent, glass forming agent, degrader of organic matter, lubricant, filler and hydrolyzing agent.

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